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Perspectives on Cultural Diplomacy - Volume One

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Perspectives on Cultural Diplomacy is an E-publication series that promotes global dialog, understanding, pluralism, cooperation, and complementarity with respect for all cultural beliefs and practices. It emphasizes reviews of important developments in the field and presents new ideas in education and the practice of cultural diplomacy that promote health, well-being, and peace for persons, families, communities, and countries. The series fosters theoretical discussions, publishes studies, and addresses practical implications of cultural diplomacy. 

Volume 1 of the Perspectives on Cultural Diplomacy series focuses on nursing science, art, and spiritual practice in the diplomatic care and comfort of human beings. The lead editorial, "Enlightenment in the Circle of Culture," discusses how the ensuing volume, as well as the series, seeks to bring reason, science, and experience together in an expression of cultural diplomacy in the pursuit of peace. In volume 1, cultural diplomacy is shown to be a foundational skill for demonstrating person-centered nursing care and coaching. It includes a paper on a theoretical framework for cultural diplomacy in nursing and a paper on the results of action research in the implementation of the Cultural Diplomacy Model in nursing education.

Product details
Print Length: 81 pages
Publisher: Golden Apple Publications; 1 edition (September 23, 2015)
Publication Date: September 23, 2015